Saturday, January 28, 2012

3-6 months baby hat

I have a new hat! It is pink and white with a big white flower. TOO cute :)

 3 months size hat. $15.00 (plus shipping)
White Flower. ( The whole hat is made with 100% cotton yarn)
Please keep in mind that I can make any size hat from baby boy to men's to Baby girl to women's. You can get any color you want with or without a flower. My favorite for the boy's hat is camo. I will have to do a post of that on next. :) Please comment below to tell me if you are interested.

Have a Great Day
Hannah Mae:)


  1. Hannah, my neighbor Connie would like to purchase several headbands with flowers for her six-year-old niece. I told her I thought your cost was $6.00. Am I right? Just give her a call (I'll e-mail you her number), and you can check colors, etc. Your website is so pretty!

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