Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY One Direction Shirt

DIY One Direction Shirt. One of the easiest things I have ever sewn. Here is How it turned out:

How I did it:
               First I made my pattern. I made my 1 and D about 8 inches long.
Then I flipped them over and traced them onto fusible webbing.

Flipped Over.

Pin your fusible webbing to the WRONG SIDE OF FABRIC. Iron on and cut out. I forgot to take pictures of this part :P
After you've finished this you'll want to go here on how to sew on your appliques. I used it and I was able to sew them on so easily! While listening to one direction. Of course. When you are done sewing on your 1 and D iron flat and you're done!
Finished Product.


I always see this shirt on Pinterest and wanted to buy one but now I have my own! My next project will be making my one direction TOMS. If I can't find them to buy I will stamp it onto a red pair of TOMS. :)

Have a great day! I hope my tutorial was easy enough to understand and that you have a One Direction shirt soon too!


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