Friday, January 27, 2012

Water Bottle Holder

I recently made my Granny's friend (a missionary in Africa) a water bottle holder. Then my Granny's other friend asked me if I would consider selling them. Yes, I have been planning on selling them. So here is one that I made.

 Water bottle holder $7.00 (plus shipping)
 Handle. I can do this one like the one above with a border or without a border. Or if you prefer I can do one color. Or if you want I can do a handle with two colors together. The options are endless!
The water bottle holder again without the water bottle. It is five inches tall from base. I can do it shorter or taller if you would like :). The diameter of the bottom is about 2 inches. ( it stretches) Now last, but not least, you can choose the color you want. You can choose any color. Here is the yarn that I will be using. You can choose any color that you want (You can choose one or two colors. One for the stripe and one for the rest of the body. If you would prefer I can make it one color) Please comment below if you are interested.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Hi Hannah. I would like to buy a water bottle holder from you. I could give your Granny the $ and she could pay you and pick up the holder next time you see each other, if you think that would work... I'll be seeing her on Saturday...

    Thanks, Sheila

    1. HI Sheila! What color would you like?? I can do any color that you want. would you like two colors or one?? I can give it to my Grsnny next time I see her if you would prefer that over me mailing me it to you. Have a great day!